The Contribution of Youth to the Cause of Christian Science

[Written Especially for Young People]

A student of Christian Science, who was attending a university, found himself quite lonesome. It seemed that timidity and self-consciousness prevented him from making satisfactory friendships. One Wednesday evening on the way to church he discovered the error in his thinking. He had been thinking selfishly about trying to get acquainted, rather than about reflecting the goodness of God to those he came in contact with. He resolved to go to that service to give, because he knew that man's business is to reflect the presence and power of God. He gave rapt attention to the readings. Joyfully he joined in the singing of the hymns. During silent prayer he asked that every member of the congregation might be receptive to infinite Love. He thanked God for every testimony of healing, rejoicing with others in the inspiration they were finding through the study of Christian Science. After the service he gave a friendly greeting to a stranger who was attending a Christian Science service for the first time.

On his way home the student realized he had attended a most inspiring service because, with a heart full of love, he had gone to give rather than to get. When we endeavor to give, we are acknowledging our oneness with infinite Love, the source of all true being. Such a prayerful attitude disperses the dark clouds of selfishness and gloom which have enshrouded us, wipes away the tears of loneliness, and enables us to see the unlimited good that is ever at hand for all of God's children.

September 6, 1941

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