One of your issues of recent date carries a veiled reference...

The New York Times

One of your issues of recent date carries a veiled reference to Christian Science. While it does not mention that religion by name, the inference is unmistakable. I quote your writer: "We have, for example, a very well-known American minority which rejects the whole art and science of medicine." The Christian Scientists do not condemn the followers of Aesculapius, or criticize those who believe in the efficacy of materia medica. In their past experience, material medicine has failed many of them in their hour of need, and they have found a way which is more satisfactory.

The article further states, "They are minoritarians who indulge in no subversive activities, draw no pay from a foreign government, never dream of plotting the overthrow of the American government."

We are grateful for this just acknowledgment of the law-abiding attitude of Christian Scientists as citizens. Our critic, however, then asks, "How far do their rights run against the community?"

November 15, 1941

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