Mastering the Situation

The student of mathematics welcomes the opportunity to apply the rules of the science of numbers. With each refutation of error through the application of the rules he strengthens his understanding. He is not greatly concerned as to the why or wherefore of a false computation. He knows that it comes only through ignorance or carelessness, and can be completely destroyed by the governing rule correctly applied. Through his study and practice he attains an enlarged comprehension of established and proved rules.

In like manner the earnest Christian Scientist regards every inharmonious situation or circumstance as a challenge to apply the immutable law of the Christ Science, the law of spiritual perfection. He knows that this law is applicable to all that concerns him, and that as man, God's reflection, he is included in His perfect creation, and is subject only to its divine laws. The Scientist is grateful for the opportunity to prove the rules of divine Science, knowing that through such proving he grows in grace and spiritual comprehension, and that every problem rightly and conclusively solves marks an advancing step.

"As the small rain"
November 15, 1941

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