"The forts of Christian Science"

[Written Especially for Young People]

An advertisement for a certain type of air-raid shelter which appeared recently in a European magazine described the device as "bomb proof"—except in the case of a "direct hit." Obviously, the element of chance plays a large part in the security which this particular bomb-proof shelter offers. In considering this advertisement, the writer was struck by the similarity between purchasers of the shelter and those who in blind faith turn to God to show them a way out of their difficulties, but with little conviction that He can help them, believing as they do in the reality of a power which is opposed to Spirit, God. Both types of person are seeking shelter from harm with no real confidence in the security and safety of the method employed. In each case they are hoping that the shelter they have sought will prove secure, though they are aware that, in the event of a raid, it is not inviolable.

How many such doubtful ones would rejoice in a sanctuary which is sure, a shelter whose impregnability has withstood the direct hits of every form of evil! That this protection is available is being proved today by thousands who are demonstrating the power of God to save men from the dire effects of war, sin, disease, and death. No error, however formidable, can successfully assail this defense, which is spiritually mental, and within which each of us can find asylum from aggression of every sort.

"Lift up a standard"
November 15, 1941

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