About seventeen years ago I became interested in Christian Science...

About seventeen years ago I became interested in Christian Science through a healing of lack and of unemployment. After I had been our of work for many weeks some friends recommended that I have Christian Science treatment. At first I gave little or no heed to the suggestion, but as additional weeks passed without my securing employment, I began to consider seriously the advice of my friends, and decided to telephone a Christian Science practitioner. My appointment with the practitioner was on a Friday afternoon at three o'clock. I kept the appointment, and, on returning home later that afternoon, was told that someone had telephoned me a short time previously, asking that I call as soon as I came in. I found that the call was from the president of a company for which I had previously worked. He told me that only that afternoon he had heard I was out of work, and he asked me to return to work for him the following Monday morning. I did so, and have been employed continuously ever since.

This demonstration of the power of Truth was brought about so quickly that I did not give Christian Science credit, but rather thought it was just a coincidence and that in all probability I should have secured the position anyway. Having this thought, naturally I was not grateful for the demonstration, with the result that soon I found myself threatened with the loss of my position, because of the sudden passing of both the principal officers of the firm. Their heirs seemed uninterested and unwilling to carry on the business, and it was sold to a competing firm. all the employees knew that the merging of the two firms would cause many to lose their positions. Being only a recent employee, I naturally felt I should be one of the first to be dismissed, and became very uneasy over the situation as it appeared to me. When the problem seemed most serious, I again thought of Christian Science and once more got in touch with the practitioner, with the result that the very next day I was invited to visit with the general manager of the new firm and was not only offered a splendid advance in salary, but was given full charge of the business they were taking over.

After this second demonstration I was firmly convinced that Christian Science did bring about these healings, and of course I was grateful for them. At once I bought and began to read the textbook, Science and Health, and the otherwritings writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and also began attending church services and lectures. As I grew in understanding I was able to solve many problems, financial, physical, and mental, sometimes through my own efforts and at other times with the aid of a practitioner.

Testimony of Healing
In Psalms we read: "They cried unto the Lord in their...
November 15, 1941

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