As a child I attended the Christian Science Sunday School...

As a child I attended the Christian Science Sunday School for a while because I had friends who were Christian Scientists. However, as I grew up I left it for a church offering greater social activities. I attended and joined this church, but never felt satisfied with its teachings. When I was about eighteen, a condition developed in my knee which did not yield to any kind of medical attention. I was in great pain most of the time and was obliged to use crutches at intervals. At this time my parents and I were attending various churches seeking for spiritual satisfaction. In 1925 I married, and about a year later, a neighbor seeing me attempt to do housework and use crutches at the same time, gave me a Christian Science Sentinel. It was indeed a cup of cold water. That night I secured a copy of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy at a Reading Room and read all the following day. During the afternoon I felt a great stir through me, and it seemed as though I were standing under a cool, refreshing shower. I picked up the crutches and put them away, never to use them again. I was healed that day. This led to the acceptance of Christian Science by my parents, for which I am very thankful.

About three years ago, while I was reading "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mrs. Eddy, this question on page 126 stood out to me so strongly that I wrote it down and pinned it ona cupboard to study: "Who hath not learned that when alone he has his own thoughts to guard, and when struggling with mankind his temper, and in society his tongue?" This stood out as an admonition which I needed at the time. The following evening I was trying to pry a roll of frozen meat apart with a large knife. Suddenly the knife slipped through the meat and through the palm of my hand. I removed the knife, and held my hand over the sink and lifted my head to treat myself. My eyes caught the above words and I instantly realized that while at my task I had been, unthinkingly, criticizing someone. I immediately reversed every unkind thought and, looking down, saw the wound close slowly and tightly and the bleeding stop. If I had not known that "the word of God is quick, and powerful," I should have been frightened. Instead, I expressed gratitude for another proof that Christian Science heals evil thoughts and annuls material laws, and this in turn brings harmony into our human experience. There was no pain. I continued with my work, and the following morning there was not even a scar.

Testimony of Healing
My deep gratitude to God and to Mary Baker Eddy for...
January 25, 1941

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