A Reminder

The Christian Science church and its plan of government was revealed to our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and is set forth in the Manual of The Mother Church. That this church has reflected to some degree Mrs. Eddy's vision is evidenced by the prosperity and manifold blessings that God has poured out upon it since its inception. This church is a rich heritage to Christian Scientists, given to them to utilize for the glory of God and the redemption of mankind. How can the Christian Scientist promote his spiritual growth? How can he aid the spiritual progress of his fellow men? The answer to this question involves, among other ways, membership in The Mother Church and one of its authorized branches.

When are new members admitted to membership in The Mother Church? The Manual provides that new members shall be admitted twice each year. (See Article XIII, Section 2.) The date of the next admission is May 30, 1941. Details regarding the admission will be found below.

Our Leader has opened the way through the Manual of The Mother Church whereby Christian Scientists may enjoy membership. When there appears to be much opposition to right endeavor and right desires, the alert Christian Scientist is not swerved from his upward way by any suggestion whatever, for he knows that "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all," even as the Scriptures aver. The Christian Scientist goes on his way confident of his ability to meet and defeat any suggestions that would prevent him from seeking membership when he is ready for it.

January 25, 1941

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