Healing Unemployment and Employment

To those who have been distressed by unemployment or unsatisfactory employment, Christian Science offers the same heartening assurance and the same assistance that it brings to those who are ill. It shows that limited usefulness and lack of joy in one's work and one's living, are not more natural than disease; and it offers a definite and certain method of correcting them — a method which anyone can understand and use.

How does one who is unemployed, scientifically correct the condition? The answer in brief, is: By knowing himself more truly. By realizing, in other words, what belongs to him as the likeness of God. The real man, the real selfhood of everyone, including the one who seems to be without work, is engaged forever in reflecting God, infinite Mind, and Love; and it is not hard to see that this is satisfactory employment. It is secure and permanent. It is unlimited in scope and usefulness. It permits and requires full self-expression. Perfect understanding and perfect appreciation on the part of the very essence of it. This employment knows no weariness, no dullness, no lack. Spontaneity, harmony, inspiration, love, substance without measure, and the real progress which is the ever-unfolding activity of Mind, characterize it forever. It is manifestly perfect employment; and it belongs to every-one even now, little as this may appear to be so. "Now are we the sons of God," wrote the Apostle John. Now are we the expression of the perfect intelligence, activity, and power of Mind, divine Love; and this great fact we have the privilege of proving.

The need, then, of the who has been without work is to take to himself, to recognize as his own and inseparable from him, this true employment. He needs to let his thought, and thereby his action, be more like the God-bestowed thought and action which are really natural for him. This is not saying that he may not have accomplished a great deal already in that direction; nor that his thought and action may not already be better in many respects than those of some who, to human sense, are employed. It is saying that such further improvement in thought and action as will meet his need — gloriously— is practical for him.

A Reminder
January 25, 1941

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