"Love thou"

Many of us, like the people of Jesus' day, have turned to God for the healing of physical ills when all other means have been proved ineffectual, and have found release from suffering and new freedom of health through Christian Science. But the earnest seeker is not satisfied with merely a physical sense of well-being. He wishes to know something of the power that healed him, to become acquainted with God, divine Love.

On the first page of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mary Baker Eddy says, "Humility is the stepping-stone to a higher recognition of Deity." This statement came as a surprise to one who believed humility to be a sign of weakness. She had not realized that it was Jesus of Nazareth's great humility that made him mighty. There are many who have associated humility with subservience, who have felt that those who are humble may be imposed upon and belittled. Is not this a false sense of humility? One who is truly humble has no sense of subordination to person, but is subordinate only to God. Humbly recognizing the oneness and allness of God enables one also to recognize that the real man, God's reflection, is perfect and complete.

"The hill of Science"
June 15, 1940

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