It gives me great joy to testify concerning the comforting...

It gives me great joy to testify concerning the comforting and healing power of Christian Science. I have experienced many physical healings, but it is of the mental healing which has come to me in times of great need that I wish to speak. It has been proved to me many times that God is ever present, everywhere, at all times, and under all circumstances, to comfort and bless us.

At the time when, with the passing of my father and giving up of my home, everything seemed taken from me, a friend who was a Christian Scientist said to me: "Nothing real and good can ever be taken from you. You can never lose the good which God has given you, for He never leaves us nor forsakes us in our hour of need." I knew very little about Christian Science at this time, but through sadness and loneliness I held to the truth spoken by this friend, and I have proved its reality through many changing experiences.

Testimony of Healing
My parents became interested in Christian Science before...
August 28, 1937

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