I have been interested in Christian Science for many...

I have been interested in Christian Science for many years, and have enjoyed many demonstrations of its allinclusiveness and effectiveness in the healing of sickness, sin, and social and business problems.

I have often wondered why I did not join the church and become an active student years ago. Mortal mind offered many excuses to keep me from that course; they were so absurd that it is more pleasant to forget them—not one was good. It finally became necessary to experience the healing of a grievous ill, which was readily handled and healed when taken to a Christian Science practitioner. It was what would have been considered a severe case of yellow jaundice. Immediately following this, I enjoyed an instanteous healing of all desire for tobacco, social drinking, tea, coffee, and other obnoxious habits. These healings were all experienced in the summer of 1931, and there has never been the slightest desire for any of these things since then. Christian Science, applied, effected these cures without effort on my part and with no sense of loss, deprivation, or sacrifice.

Testimony of Healing
My little daughter, four years old, was suffering with...
August 28, 1937

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