At the mention of world peace, thought turns with sympathy...

Herald and Express

At the mention of world peace, thought turns with sympathy to nations at war and longs for the end of hostilities. Forward-looking men and women hope for the prevention of war, and praise the steps of statesmen who promote world peace. Honest diplomacy and reasonable armaments have their place, but can they alone bring peace? How can there be a state of tranquillity and quiet throughout the world until there is peace in the human consciousness?

The prophet Micah foresaw that the time would come when nations would beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, when nation would not lift up a sword against nation, neither would they learn war any more. Mankind prays for this result; but Micah tells us also that it can be obtained only as nations look to God, learn God's ways, and walk in God's paths.

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