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I notice in your editorial "Crime and the Press," of...

Kanas City Journal-Post

I notice in your editorial "Crime and the Press," of October 24, 1934, you say: "The Christian Science Monitor, which prints no crime news, is in many respects an excellent newspaper. But it would delight the 'Pretty Boy' Floyds and the AI Capones if all newspapers were like the Monitor."

I am glad to draw your attention to the fact that the policy of The Christian Science Monitor is to print news about crime which a good citizen ought to know to enable him to take measures as a good citizen to do his part in prevention. This does not mean that it prints crime news which is in any way fascinating or glamorous, or that in any way would result in crime education. Christian Scientists are urged to be good citizens, and on that account they should be advised of those things that they should take means to help prevent.

Your attitude has always been very fair toward Christian Scientists, and I am sure you will be glad to have this information in connection with the statement in the editorial. If you will print this correction, it will lead to a better understanding by your readers of the attitude of The Christian Science Monitor and perhaps direct some thought toward the study of elimination of the causes of crime.

September 21, 1935

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