Christian Scientists have no wish to dissuade the sick,...

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Christian Scientists have no wish to dissuade the sick, anxious for medical treatment, from employing the means which the sufferers believe will give them the best chance of relief. Such a course would be entirely opposed to the rules of Christian Science, which teaches the doctrine of doing to others as one would be done by, and refraining from anything that infringes the rights of the individual.

Physicians and surgeons of note, here in Australia and abroad, have acknowledged the efficacy of spiritual healing—the utterance of Dr. Charles Hunter, medical instructor at the University of Manitoba, being typical. Dr. Hunter said in part, "Christian Science has helped many persons suffering from diseases which to the medical practice had defied diagnosis, ... furthermore, has brought relief to individuals who were victims of some organic disorder." Physicians have turned to Christian Science for healing when other means have failed, and one physician has said of his healing, "This personal experience caused me to lose faith in and give up the practice of medicine." Many physicians show an interest in our work and an increasing percentage of them advise their patients to try Christian Science as a last resort.

September 21, 1935

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