Influence and Control

Many mortals believe themselves at times to be controlled by influences outside of themselves which they are powerless to resist. For example, many believe they are controlled by circumstances. Millions, especially in recent years, have accepted the belief that they were the unwilling victims of economic conditions over which they themselves had no control, but which were able to dominate them and their affairs. Many have acquiesced in the suggestion of unemployment, and consequent lack and depletion, because of their belief that something called business depression, for which they themselves were not responsible, had been able to determine their financial status.

Other thousands, yes, millions, of mortals have succumbed to disease and death because of the erroneous belief that they were victims of what is called hereditary tendency. Others, again, have believed themselves subject to spiritualistic obsession and control of "departed spirits" through what is known as mediumship. Still other millions of mortals, especially in the Orient, have erroneously believed themselves subject to what is called planetary influence and have unresistingly submitted to the operation of the so-called laws of astrology, which claim to regulate their affairs, determine their health, or the lack of it, their success, or the absence of it; and to control their destiny.

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Items of Interest
September 21, 1935

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