I have had marvelous proofs of God's protecting care in...

I have had marvelous proofs of God's protecting care in times of difficulties and discords, mental, moral, and physical. Through Christian Science the healing of colds, grippe, congestion, results of accidents, abscessed teeth, poor hearing, unhappy surroundings, a broken ankle, severe headaches, gall-bladder inflammation, and many other ills, has been accomplished. The extraction of an abscessed, embedded tooth was performed without the bad aftereffects predicted; no pain was felt and no swelling or stiffness manifested. An eye. hit and injured by a stone, was very beautifully healed, although the suggestion was made that sutures were necessary for the deep laceration caused by the eyeglasses breaking. But by clinging "steadfastly to God and His idea" (Science and Health, p. 495), a complete healing took place.

My most recent healing was that of a broken ankle. For a few moments the ankle was very painful, but we declared the truth as taught in Christian Science, that there are no accidents in God's universe, and that man is governed only by God's spiritual law. In about half an hour all pain ceased, although it seemed impossible to put the foot on the floor. Work was taken up at once, and I was able to sleep all night without any sense of discomfort. The following day I was able to put the foot down and walk with the aid of a cane. Thinking it just a sprain, I continued going to business for two weeks; but due to persistent swelling and lameness, I was urged to have the foot X-rayed. This showed a complete breakage of the ankle bone, which had already healed two thirds, leaving one third still to knit, with no misplacements but a torn ligament of the foot. The X-ray doctor said that in all his practice he had seen only one other picture of a broken foot healed without any material aid. I expected to continue to go to business, but was advised to rest the foot. I am grateful for this, as it taught me a lesson in patience, besides providing an opportunity to study and to prove that our ways are not God's ways. In ten days I could walk more freely, and after another week the foot was as normal as the other. I am very grateful for the kindness, love, and patience that the practitioner reflected to me, and for the lessons I learned while going through this experience, which proved to be an opportunity to gain a clearer spiritual vision.

Testimony of Healing
In one afternoon I experienced a healing of a complete...
September 21, 1935

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