True Recognition

One of the most discouraging, as well as one of the most stubborn convictions of mankind is the belief that one can be deprived of just recognition for faithful and right endeavors. This belief seems to permeate every department of human activity, giving rise to a sense of injustice and resentment which, in turn, either results in such a breakdown of courage and morale as utterly to paralyze continued right endeavor, or else diverts one to the employment of questionable, if not dishonest means to gain that which it is believed has been unjustly withheld. The remedy for this distressing condition lies, as it always does in every erroneous condition, in one's discerning the true facts in the case. And through the light of Christian Science this discernment of true facts is made possible.

In Science we learn that God is Mind, the all-knowing, all-seeing Mind, in which originates all true knowledge or cognizance of being. Therefore there can be only one true recognition—that which God bestows. This true recognition was embodied in those immortal words relating to our Master: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Since true recognition is God-bestowed, man cannot withhold it. Balaam must have recognized this fact, for when Balak berated him for blessing the children of Israel when he had been called upon to curse them, that is, to withhold true recognition from them, Balaam replied: "Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it. . . . Told not I thee, saying, All that the Lord speaketh, that must I do?"

God's Ever-Presence
August 10, 1935

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