True Dependence

At present many submit to the sense of unemployment and lack to such a degree that they have become apathetic in attempting to correct their attitude. It is true that through loss of position or income some who formerly had plenty now have slipped into the habit of depending upon other people for supply. Continued indulgence in such dependence dulls the finer sensibilities, and so depresses natural spontaneity that, as a result, certain human obligations come to be ignored or obscured. As has sometimes been the case with nations, so with individuals, paying one's debts may be no longer considered possible, and therefore may be viewed as unnecessary. With laxity in thinking and living it is not to be wondered at that human beings find themselves helplessly stumbling along, possessing but few blessings.

The tendency of mortals is to cling to persons and to material things for help and support. But what a mistake is this! Merely material channels become dry, and through failure in business persons may be placed in such positions that they cannot help others, even though they greatly desire to do so. Then there follows nothing but hopelessness for an individual, unless he is otherwise instructed.

Bearing True Witness
August 10, 1935

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