God's Ever-Presence

[Written Especially for Young People]

Some time ago there appeared on the Children's Page of The Christian Science Monitor a fable about a very young fish that had heard a great deal from the older fish about a wonderful thing called the sea. He naturally became very much interested, and was determined to find the sea so that he could witness its wonders for himself. He swam and swam in search of it, but with no success. He inquired of other fish that he chanced to meet where the sea could be found. They too had heard a great deal about it but had never seemed able to find it.

The story goes on to tell how the fish finally met a very wise old fish, whom he asked, "Can you tell me where I can find the sea?" And the wise old fish said, "Here is the sea; you have been in it all the time."

August 10, 1935

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