Bearing True Witness

In the twentieth chapter of Exodus we find the words, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." What a wealth of love is contained in this commandment; and what protection for each individual lies in rendering obedience thereto!

The early training of one student of Christian Science, received in a home devoted to an orthodox religion, impressed upon her the fact that in the usually accepted sense one must never utter false testimony against another. While the instruction covered but a very limited field, it is cause for humble gratitude that the home training prepared the way for a higher understanding of this commandment, as taught in Christian Science. This also made it comparatively easy to grasp and to obey its mandate, for the student was actuated by a greater sense of love for God and man, which Christian Science inculcates—a love which so spiritualizes human consciousness that one's thought heals and blesses wherever it may rest.

We Must Strive
August 10, 1935

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