Before I learned of Christian Science, St. Paul's words...

Before I learned of Christian Science, St. Paul's words kept recurring to my thought: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God." At that time my concept of God was so vague that I failed to comprehend how this power could be made applicable to the pitiful condition in which I found myself. After I had undergone a long period of illness, under medical and surgical treatment, my friends were told that little could be done, as my condition was tubercular. This was not surprising to me, as tuberculosis was the one thing I most feared, having seen certain members of my family pass on with it.

I was sent to a warmer climate for a year, where I received great care, but I continued to lose weight, and was very melancholy. Noting my hopeless mental state, an acquaintance lent me a copy of the Christian Science textbook, telling me how Christian Science had helped her in a time of need, but she did not state that through the study of it I might be healed of this physical condition. I read page after page until the book was finished, with little thought that I might be healed. I returned it, remarking that while its teaching seemed very beautiful, I felt I could not understand it. This statement was not true, however, for my consciousness had been so permeated by Mrs. Eddy's presentation of the true nature of God as infinite Love, that I found my thought dwelling constantly on the allness and goodness of God. Within the next few months one symptom after another disappeard, and I awoke to the fact that I was well and was able to resume normal activity. This was over twenty years ago, and during the intervening years the definite proofs of the healing power of Christian Science have been many.

Testimony of Healing
It is with deepest gratitude to God and to our beloved...
August 10, 1935

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