True Vision

I could not understand the reason whyThe world was sad and full of bitterness;What meant the ceaseless rushing to and froOf mortals, catching at a fleeting glimpseOf that they thought spelled happiness complete,Though, having caught it, saw it swiftly dashedIn pieces 'neath their eyes. I longed to findThe way to make a happier world than this,Where men could live without the constant dreadOf failure, lack, depression, and the like,Spending their time in striving to acquireMere things, which ne'er can give a lasting joy.Show me the way, I prayed; and to my prayerThere came response, ineffably benighAnd loving, lifting me above the stressOf mortal thought and struggle to attain:Seek first the heavenly kingdom and aspireTo Spirit's status, Godlike qualities;Love, joy, and peace, long-suffering, gentleness,Goodness and faith, meekness and temperance.Strive to acquire all these, and thou shalt findThat all things thou dost need will added be.Thus thou wilt enter heaven's quiet sanctuary,The sin-free consciousness, which dwells within.Thy brethren too must strive these traits to gain,So shall God's kingdom 'stablished be on earth.His children, Spirit's likeness, do expressAnd find their peace and home, obeying Love.I will be true, I cried, and straightway turnedTo bear the angelic message to mankindOf their sole birthright, harmony divine.

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