The healing power of divine Love, as revealed by...

The healing power of divine Love, as revealed by Christian Science, was clearly demonstrated in our family recently. Our son, a boy six years of age, was struck to the pavement by an automobile. He was unconscious when taken to a hospital near by. The physicians at the hospital said that he had a hemorrhage of the brain; that his skull was fractured, a leg was broken at the hip, his hip bones were crushed; and that he could live but a few hours.

A Christian Science practitioner was called. The boy lay unconscious for seven days. The physicians said that should he regain consciousness he would suffer severe pain. During these seemingly dark days I was trying to demonstrate the truth that was taught me when I attended the Christian Science Sunday School. I knew that in God's kingdom there are no accidents; that God's child is perfect.

On a Sunday morning the boy regained consciousness. Instead of being in pain, he opened his eyes, smiled, and asked his mother where his father was. The hemorrhage had disappeared and the fractured skull was healed completely. I was attending a Christian Science church service at the time. I knew that mortal mind had no power over divine Love, and that our ever present God would hear our prayers and meet our every need. The boy was removed to a sanatorium run by Christian Scientists, where his leg was set by a surgeon. Owing to the crushed condition of the bones the surgeon thought that the boy's legs would never be the same length. He also said that it would be more than six months before he could walk. After the broken leg was set, it was three inches shorter than his other leg. This problem was also overcome by the healing power of Christian Science through the loving aid of the practitioner.

Testimony of Healing
For the benefit and encouragement of any sufferer I...
June 30, 1934

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