About twenty-four years ago Christian Science came into...

About twenty-four years ago Christian Science came into my life with its cheering message of healing for all human discord. Prior to this it had been offered to me, but I refused to investigate it, feeling that it was beneath my notice, and in my ignorance of the truth I classed it with mesmerism and hypnotism. All my life I had been a sufferer from various physical ailments, which became worse as I grew older. Several so-called healing methods had been tried in vain, and much of the time I was under the care of physicians, while never a day passed without the taking of medicine and drugs. This led up to a time when I was told that a major operation was necessary to prolong my life. This filled me with fear and discouragement, and I felt it would be better to die than to go through with such an operation. Then a Christian Science practitioner moved next door to us, and during a talk with her I was healed of inflammatory rheumatism. She explained to me how I had been healed, and a few days later I took my stand for Christian Science, discarding material remedies of every description. I was healed in one treatment of a bowel trouble which was supposed to be inherited and incurable, and for which I had taken medicine daily all my life. At the same time I was also healed of all desire to use medicine. This seemed to me "too good to be true." Soon after this I experienced an absolutely painless extraction of two teeth, both badly abscessed, and for this I was very thankful.

Through joyful gratitude and a desire to be obedient I began reading the Christian Science periodicals, also the Lesson-Sermons from the Christian Science Quarterly. For the first year I did not understand much of what I read from the textbook, but the testimonies were most cheering, and later the Bible became a new book to me. Then came a severe testing time. A physical disorder, which had come to me several times before, made its appearance. On these occasions I always was in fear of losing my life, and would quickly summon a doctor and nurse and spend many weeks in bed, followed by a slow convalescence. This time I called the practitioner who had worked for me before, and she lovingly assured me that there was nothing to fear, for God was my life. Then followed a month of a most remarkable experience, in which the truth, steadfastly declared, set aside material so-called laws and proved them absolutely powerless. There were healings at this time of a fibroid tumor and a severe hemorrhage. During this month only one day was spent in bed, and daily household tasks were regularly attended to. I did not miss a Sunday or Wednesday service, although the nearest church was fifteen miles away. Through this experience I gained absolute proof that God does the healing in Christian Science, also a clear sense of God as Life.

Although rejoicing in quick healings, I am profoundly grateful for slower ones, especially for one which took many years of faithful work to accomplish. The malady was manifested in attacks of unconsciousness followed by a sense of confusion and general depression. Through these years I was gaining a better understanding of what Christian Science brings to mankind. Healing of ills of character and disposition, such as criticism, intolerance, worry, self-pity, self-righteousness, and self-condemnation, was begun and is daily going on. Much error was uncovered and many false appetites were destroyed. I am humbly grateful for the blessed privilege of membership in The Mother Church, also for active membership in a branch church. I am happy to know that Christian Science is the Comforter promised by Christ Jesus, and because of this, my love and reverence go out to our beloved Leader, that she was pure and good enough to be God's instrument in bringing this Comforter to all mankind. To the practitioners who are always ready to work and help, also to the loyal friend who never deserted me in my darkest hours, I feel I can never be grateful enough. My desire is to grow in love and service.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for the many healings I...
June 30, 1934

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