Loyalty to Christian Science Literature

Students of Christian Science are always well advised in holding to an attitude of unswerving loyalty to authorized Christian Science literature. Now and then, however, literature other than that which has been authorized by our Leader may be recommended to their notice in the belief that it may in some way prove helpful. But not infrequently it is mistakenly claimed for such literature that it is based on the teachings of Christian Science, or at any rate on something very much like it. Now young students especially may be lacking in those qualifications of a more mature understanding and experience which are essential in wisely and accurately discriminating between Christian Science and spurious metaphysics. Hence of incalculable value to them, as to all sincere students, is the safeguard and guaranty of authorized Christian Science literature, or such other publications as are specifically designated as having the approval of The Christian Science Publishing Society.

There are, to be sure, various theories as to the supposed benefits to be derived from reading articles and books appearing in the public press which deal with a so-called philosophy of life in such a way as to make these writings seem to resemble Mrs. Eddy's divinely inspired exposition of Christian Science. In the main, the special feature of merit claimed for this imitative literature is that, because of the more intimate and personal tone employed, it has the advantage of the element of human interest to dress up, as it were, and make more attractive a subject considered by some to be somewhat abstract and dry. Obviously, however, an article or a book that is but an expression of personal views and opinions, made colorful and entertaining by the expedient of dramatic and emotional appeal, cannot be regarded as imparting a message of purely spiritual significance.

June 30, 1934

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