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I have been attending the Christian Science services for...

I have been attending the Christian Science services for nine years, and cannot describe what a deep impression they have made upon me from the beginning. I was surrounded by many sore trials and afflictions which threatened to destroy my happiness, and at that time did not know how to overcome them, but I knew that help could come to me through God in Christian Science. During these years I have had to struggle through a great deal of suffering; but through divine Love and with the help of a dear Christian Science practitioner it has been possible for me to meet calmly every error, in whatever form it appeared, with the truth, and in spite of all the difficulties to retain a cheerful spirit. I had to give up many material concepts of happiness; and even though at first it hurt, I am grateful now for what I gained thereby. I have been able to recognize the true Father, God, and He has never deserted me. I have learned that God is Love, and that we receive only good if we strive to live in the way our great Master, Christ Jesus, showed us.

I have experienced wonderful physical healings, and through spiritual progress have been able to lay aside much that was erroneous. I wore glasses for twenty-eight years, but have not used them since 1927. Even as a girl I wished that I might be relieved of wearing glasses; but according to the doctor it was believed necessary to wear them all my life. After studying "Rudimental Divine Science" by Mary Baker Eddy, I recognized that we had to deal only with spiritual eyes or sight. "God is love" and "in thy light shall we see light." I realized that divine Love is boundless, and gives to each one the light that he needs. This is one of the most beautiful and sublime healings one can experience. Spinal trouble, from which I had suffered for years and which was always apparent when walking, has completely disappeared, and I can walk as much as I desire, without pain.

Testimony of Healing
It is eighteen years since I received my first revelation...
August 17, 1929

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