On reading a letter published in the Christian Science Sentinel...

On reading a letter published in the Christian Science Sentinel of March 19, 1927, I felt a desire to bear a message to those in need, just as this writer had done through her testimony of the healing of a cancer. In the year 1916, I was suffering from a pain in my breast. I could scarcely use my arm, and could not lie in a comfortable position. I was in pain constantly. As my father had passed on with this disease I was filled with fear and went to a physician of high standing. He told me that I must be operated upon at once. I immediately decided that I would try Christian Science, as I had a great fear of operations and had, many years before, been healed of constipation and of hemorrhoids through Christian Science treatment. At that time I bought a copy of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

After my first healing I had not realized that there was anything for me to do, so I had not studied the textbook or attended Christian Science services. But when faced with an operation, I recalled my healing and determined to try Christian Science again. I went to a practitioner whose kindness encouraged me, and after a few treatments I was relieved of all suffering. I continued treatment, however. During this time I was able to do all my housework, which was not light, as I lived on a farm. A short time after my examination my husband met the physician, who asked why I did not arrange for an operation. My husband then told him that I was going to try Christian Science. He exclaimed in no gentle manner that prayers could never heal me. This did not weaken my trust, however, and I continued treatment. Four months later I realized clearly my healing, and no trace of the trouble remained.

Testimony of Healing
About twenty years ago I first heard of Christian Science
August 17, 1929

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