Christian Science came to me in answer to an unspoken...

Christian Science came to me in answer to an unspoken prayer, a longing for God, good, not only for myself but for all the world. I was unhappy and depressed by the sin and suffering that seemed to be manifest everywhere, and by the seeming futility of all efforts to ameliorate it. Christian Science opened the door on another world, where all things are possible to God, and where Love "never faileth." I learned a little of Christian Science from a beginner, although not until two years after that did I commence to study; yet I was able, in some measure, to demonstrate the healing truth. I became much happier because of the true concept of God I had gained.

It is about seven years since I took up the study of Christian Science, and scarcely a day passes without some new proof of the goodness of God. I have been through fiery trials, but when I have been faithful, Love has never failed me. I have been healed of almost continuous headaches, self-consciousness, worry, weariness, loneliness, weak arches, cuts, burns, colds, and milk leg. The children have been protected during epidemics and have been healed of colds, stomach trouble, constipation, chicken pox, and a persistent skin trouble. This last healing was slow, and I have since learned to be grateful for that, because it caused me to study diligently and utilize all the available channels of Christian Science, the Lesson-Sermons, periodicals, and Mrs. Eddy's other writings, whereas I had formerly thought that merely reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" was sufficient.

Testimony of Healing
For over ten years I have studied Christian Science and...
August 17, 1929

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