When I was about ten years old I began to suffer from...

When I was about ten years old I began to suffer from attacks of bilious headaches which occurred every three or four months, each lasting four or five days. My father, who was a physician, tried for a long time to cure me through his skill. Not succeeding in his endeavors, he turned to other methods of treating the sick available in this country. Although these other methods were tried, one after the other, all of them failed. Hygienic precautions and very strict dieting also gave no relief. I came at last to the sad conclusion, "What cannot be cured must be endured." I then gave up the use of all material methods. I was about fifty years of age when the attacks of headaches began to occur at shorter intervals. Because the pains were almost intolerable I had recourse to morphia injections once or twice daily till the paroxysm came to an end. At the Chicago Exhibition in 1893, I got several books and papers on Christian Science from a Christian Science Reading Room in the exhibition which I visited two or three times. I was too busy to read them, however, until I returned to India, and then found them highly interesting. But not meeting any Christian Scientists here to talk with on the subject, I did not continue to study it. My headaches went on unabated.

The question of sin and disease had long occupied my thought. They both appeared to me the great scourge of humanity. I searched long for means to prevent and cure these evils. I studied various healing arts, including modern rational allopathic medicine and the homeopathic and electric systems. But their practical employment failed to meet our needs. I studied various religions also, although the Scriptures pointed to God as all-sufficient. Yet nothing less than the demonstration of Truth could satisfy me. My curiosity, however, finally led me to the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" in conjuction with the Bible. From the beginning of 1920 I read these books two or three hours regularly every morning. In four or five months I was very agreeably surprised to note that during this period of time I had been perfectly free from the terrible attacks of the bilious headaches which had previously made the greatest part of my life miserable. And from the start of these studies a sense of spiritual uplift within me had been giving me great satisfaction.

Testimony of Healing
Three years ago I was taken to the hospital, and there my...
June 30, 1928

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