Signs of the Times

[From an article in the Bulletin, Anaheim, California]

"Peace to be real must be a state of mind," said a public speaker recently. In other words, peace is not a matter of governmental treaties but of popular sentiment. Whenever the people desire peace the end of war will come, no matter what governments may or may not do. Treaties to outlaw war are good only so long as it is in the interest of the nations to keep the peace. After that they become "mere scraps of paper." ... Governments largely reflect the sentiments of their people. Popular insistence upon peace would preclude any idea of war. Popular sentiment, whether based upon mischievous propaganda or upon reality, can and frequently does force nations into war. ... Treaties to be effective must be based upon national sincerity and popular consciousness. Whenever people discard the madness of enthusiasm in times of national crisis, and dispassionately declare for peace, then wars will end, and not until then. After all, it is the people and not the governments who fight the wars, and it is the people who rule.

June 30, 1928

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