In behalf of accuracy may I clear up a wrong impression...

Medical Journal and Record

In behalf of accuracy may I clear up a wrong impression given in a recent issue of your publication. The article entitled "Different Kinds of Doctors," contains a reference to "religious" healing, in which is classed as "unfortunate" the recognition which New York state laws give to the practice of religious tenets. The health laws of the state protect the well by segregating those having contagious or infectious diseases through the enforcement of rigid quarantine regulations. The administration of the health laws is in the hands of medical men and women. Yet in face of these facts District Attorney Banton has made the statement in public print, "I do not know of any case during my administration in which a Christian Scientist was prosecuted."

In addition to this it should be said that every recognized Christian Science practitioner in the state of New York has received from our office the specific provisions of the health laws which set forth the requirements and regulations governing the handling of all reportable diseases in both New York city and New York state, together with the statement of responsibility in the care and protection of minors. Quarantine regulations are obeyed, and those having reportable diseases are admonished to obey the law at all times, including the laws covering public meetings. All Christian Scientists are admonished by Mrs. Eddy herself to be obedient to the law and ot be law-abiding. She charges her followers on page 34 of her Message to The Mother Church for 1901 to "obey strictly the laws that be, and follow your Leader only so far as she follows Christ." As for the charge that religious healing draws people by hypnotic influence, it should be stated that the use of hypnotism, mesmerism, and magnetism is strictly forbidden in the practice of Christian Science.

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