Three years ago I was taken to the hospital, and there my...

Three years ago I was taken to the hospital, and there my little girl was prematurely born. The physician who attended me, a very loving, gentle woman, was very hopeful, but the doctor that she called upon to assist her declared very positively that the child could not live. Science work was being done by a loving practitioner, and both my husband and I held to the truth to the best of our knowledge. The physician notified the hospital authorities that I was not to be forced to take any medicine, but that I would adhere to the general rules of the institution. I was also to be notified immediately of any change in the baby's condition.

The morning after the baby's birth the nurse handed me what I knew to be a cathartic. I told her that it would not be necessary for me to take it, and it was so proved. For a few days the baby did nicely. After one week, during the night, the floor nurse came to the room and told my nurse she was wanted immediately. I sensed that a crisis had come, and I asked the nurse to let me know the condition right away. She spoke to the floor nurse and turned to me with the statement that my baby was very low. Fear surged up, and I took hold of the telephone to call the practitioner, not knowing that calls were not allowed after nine o'clock at night. When I realized that I could not get the practitioner I became perfectly calm and fearless. I declared that God did the work and was ever present; that He was the baby's life and strength, and that her being was not at the mercy of human belief or opinion. The nurse came back in a few minutes to tell me that the baby had come out of the severe spell, but would no doubt continue to have them. The next day I knew they did not believe the baby could live. We did not even ask about the child's condition any more, but held steadfastly to the truth as we knew it. I read the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy night and day, and the nurse was most considerate in leaving me alone and not forcing me to listen to any medical hypotheses. At three weeks the baby began to gain in weight. The nurses and doctors had very hopefully declared that she might gain as much as half an ounce a day. She gained as much as three ounces a day.

Testimony of Healing
I feel thoroughly convinced that the obeying of the...
June 30, 1928

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