The Sinless Man. Why?

Mankind has been reared in the belief that the man God made rebelled against his creator, falling from perfection but retaining the possibility of returning to his state of allegiance. From this belief has sprung another, namely, that man is both good and bad, well and sick, honest and dishonest, pure and impure. These constitute the man of popular belief. Christian Science repudiates these premises and the conclusions drawn therefrom. The real man, it declares, has never fallen, nor has be any partnership with the inharmonies of sickness and sin.

On account of this supposed duality, even the Bible references to man are in many cases difficult to understand except through the aid of the revelation of Christian Science, which teaches that the real man is forever sinless. This being true, the real spiritual self of each of us is sinless, and also inherits freedom from sickness, since sickness in the final analysis is seen to be a species of sin or ungodliness. That the real man is neither sick nor sinful is a necessary sequence of his origin. Having God as his creator and Father, he is like God, and can neither be evil nor carry within him the seed of evil. He expresses nothing, either in esse or in posse, save that which is resident in divine Mind. This is Mrs. Eddy's teaching. On what basis, other than that of revelation, does it rest? We ask this question because mere belief is an attempt to keep doubt quiet, whereas understanding leaps beyond that, giving loyalty to reason as well as to revelation.

Prayer and Activity
June 30, 1928

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