A medical writer, in a recent issue, says that the attitude...

Lancaster News-Journal

A medical writer, in a recent issue, says that the attitude of Christian Scientists is hostile to the medical profession. He implies also that Christian Science, in common with other methods of healing that he mentions, is a form of suggestion. He is wrong in both particulars. Kindly permit me to say, first, that Christian Science, being founded upon Bible teaching alone, particularly upon the teaching and practice of Christ Jesus, could not, from its very nature, use anything but spiritual understanding in its ministry of healing. Christ Jesus said that the word of God is true, and that a knowledge and understanding of Truth will make mankind free. Such teaching is the very opposite of suggestion.

There is no "hostility" between Christian Science and the medical profession other than the differences occasioned by attacks upon Christian Science and Christian Scientists, and the necessity of Christian Scientists to defend their religion and constitutional rights. Mrs. Eddy taught her students to be charitable and kind "towards differing forms of religion and medicine" and those holding these differing opinions (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 444). To the extent that medical doctors learn to respect the rights of others, they may learn also that they can count Christian Scientists among their best friends. This spiritual teaching necessarily carries with it good will to all mankind. "A genuine Christian Scientist," said Mrs. Eddy in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 4), "loves Protestant and Catholic, D.D. and M.D.,—loves all who love God, good; and he loves his enemies. It will be found that, instead of opposing, such an individual subserves the interests of both medical faculty and Christianity, and they thrive together, learning that Mind-power is good will towards men."

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