"The summons of divine Love"

Christianity! How familiar we all are with the name! But when we think of the conduct at times of some of the nations which have embraced it or of many within these nations,—how they have defied its precepts, reversed its admonitions to follow after good, failed to obey the Golden Rule,—we are astounded at the extent of the divergence which has actually taken place at times between genuine Christianity, as taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus, and its practice among men.

Christian Science sanctions no hypocrisy, tolerates no pharisaism. It defines Christianity by giving its Science; and its students are left in no doubt as to what their duty to God and their fellow-man is, and how to practice it. In her usual clear manner Mrs. Eddy, on page 148 of "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany," states the nature of Christianity and the duty of those who embrace its teaching, pointing out the necessity of gaining an understanding of the divine Principle which underlies this teaching, in order to do works similar to those performed by the Founder of Christianity, Christ Jesus himself. She writes, "Bear in mind always that Christianity is not alone a gift, but that it is a growth Christward; it is not a creed or dogma,—a philosophical phantasm,—nor the opinions of a sect struggling to gain power over contending sects and scourging the sect in advance of it. Christianity is the summons of divine Love for man to be Christlike—to emulate the words and the works of our great Master." What a wonderful definition! "Christianity is the summons of divine Love for man to be Christlike"! Then she adds the highly significant words (p. 149): "To attain to these works, men must know somewhat of the divine Principle of Jesus' lifework, and must prove their knowledge by doing as he bade: 'Go, and do thou likewise.'"

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June 30, 1928

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