Prayer and Activity

Every earnest student of Christian Science accepts with joyous gratitude its teachings regarding prayer; for through the light these have thrown on so vital a subject, the erroneous concepts which we held about it are corrected.

For ages humanity has consciously or unconsciously been reaching out for the understanding of a power above and beyond itself, on which it could rely. The Supreme Being, God, has been believed in by many; yet how mistaken has been the universal concept of God, who, century after century, has been regarded as a mighty potentate, judging and condemning, sending good and evil, expressing sometimes love, sometimes wrath. Our method of prayer has therefore been largely a petitioning of this almighty potentate to change His design, to save and to heal at our request, or to grant our desires for temporal well-being. Again and again prayer has appeared to have been unanswered; so that discouragement, even despair, has held the suppliant. Yet in spite of this, men have continued to pray, to plead, to hope for better conditions.

June 30, 1928

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