In grateful appreciation for a recent healing, these words...

In grateful appreciation for a recent healing, these words are written. During the winter I have been living in a tall London house where, in order to reach my rooms, there are many stairs to climb. A few months ago a weak heart made the effort necessary to go up and down stairs increasingly difficult. Ordinary walking was accompanied by weakness and feebleness, halting and dragging steps, restricted breath. All the joy seemed to go out of life, and its ordinary work and pleasures involved great fatigue and had to be largely suspended.

As I had been a student of Christian Science for some years, and a member of The Mother Church, it seemed that this trouble should be met, and help was therefore sought. I asked a practitioner for treatment, and it was immediately given. After four treatments it was felt that the case had been healed. However, the difficulty became again actively aggressive and great fear took hold of me, for it really seemed as if the "last enemy" had to be overcome. It was indeed a time of testing and demonstrating the Christ-power as we are taught in Christian Science by our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy. I clung to the truth that "God is my Life," declaring it audibly and persistently. I denied the power of fear, and the effort to resist this unlawful claim, this aggressive mental suggestion, brought a calmer mental state and the power to rise from bed and dress as usual. Towards the evening of that day the help of a practitioner was again sought. A clearer understanding of Life was gained, and a steady recovery was made.

I am indeed grateful for this healing, as well as for many others, and for all that I am learning in the study of Christian Science as taught by our revered Leader.

Testimony of Healing
In January of 1897 our mother passed away
June 25, 1927

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