Destroying Sense-Testimony

Beginning on page 385 of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy makes a statement which completely refutes the common belief regarding the testimony of material sense, so called. "Any supposed information," she writes, "coming from the body or from inert matter as if either were intelligent, is an illusion of mortal mind,—one of its dreams." Our Leader makes no discriminations as to the degree of reliability of the evidence which the so-called senses present. All sense-testimony "coming from the body or from inert matter" is wholly unreliable, illusory. The practitioner of Christian Science takes this important fact into account.

Mortals have, in belief, established many gradations as to the character and reliability of sense-testimony. Certain types of diseases, for example, regarded as incurable have come to be looked upon with awe and with fear which, in its intensity, amounts to dread. Since no sense-testimony is reliable, Christian Science utterly refutes this position. The belief of disease called chronic and incurable has no nearer approach to reality than has the slightest belief of discord. The difference is that mortals have come to regard the one as dangerous and awesome, and it accordingly becomes so to them; while the other is dismissed as of little consequence and not to be feared.

"Desire is prayer"
June 25, 1927

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