High Thinking

We are all thinking of something all the time. The things we read, talk of, hear and see fill our thoughts, not only during our waking hours, but sometimes in our sleep. How necessary, then, to read only good, talk only good, hear and see only good! Christian Scientists realize, as do few others, how essential it is to keep one's thinking free from evil; for they know that speech, action, living, are the result or outward manifestation of thinking. The wise man said, "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he."

So-called mortal mind is lazy and prone to drift, letting outside influences direct its trend. Through ignorance, or perchance through wrong education and training, our thinking is often erroneous. We may be unconscious of this until the result appears outwardly, and even then we may not be able at once to recognize and correct the wrong thinking which caused the difficulty. But wrong thinking is the cause of every difficulty.

Unity with the Father
June 25, 1927

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