I wish to express my gratitude for all that Christian Science...

I wish to express my gratitude for all that Christian Science has done and is doing for me and mine. My wife and I took up the study of Christian Science over eleven years ago, and since that time have relied wholly upon Christian Science for guidance and health. We have had many proofs of the healing power of Truth, and have never found it to fail. In October, 1923, something appeared on the top of my left foot. I did not give it much thought when I first noticed it, but it kept growing larger, and finally I was compelled to cease my work as I could no longer wear my shoe. The swelling continued, and the pain was intense. I asked for help in Christian Science, and in two weeks from the time I ceased work I was again in my place and had assumed my regular duties. My work as a supervisor in a railroad shop compelled me to do a great deal of walking. I did not miss a day at my work after returning.

Another wonderful demonstration I experienced recently. I was taken ill very suddenly and compelled to go to bed. I was not in a Christian Science home at the time. The landlady, knowing nothing about Christian Science, wanted to call a doctor. I informed her I wanted a Christian Science practitioner. One was finally located in a town five miles away. In a few hours after her visit to my bedside, my temperature became practically normal, and my breathing became easier. One of the officials of the railroad with which I am connected visited me and asked my consent to have the railroad company's physician called to make an examination. I informed him I was in God's hands, and He would take good care of me; but after much persuasion I consented to the examination. The doctor diagnosed my case as pleuro-pneumonia. Having been told prior to his visit that I was a Christian Scientist, he told me that I had been a very sick man, but that I was on the mend. No material remedies were resorted to, and in two weeks I was back at my work fully recovered. I had lost about twenty pounds in weight, but within the next two weeks I had regained them and am now normal in weight.

I am indeed truly grateful for this wonderful healing—grateful to God, the Giver of all good gifts; to Mary Baker Eddy, who labored so long and faithfully to give to the world this wonderful truth; and to the loving practitioner who labored for me in my darkest hour. I am grateful for the privilege of being a member of The Mother Church and of a branch church.

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