"Let this mind be in you"

Above all the disciples of Christ Jesus, except the beloved apostles themselves, it seems certain that Paul was most successful in bringing home to his auditors and readers the great importance of the Nazarene's message. With all the power of expression at his command, he enjoined upon the early Christians the importance of purity, humility, unity, and obedience to the divine will, as exemplified by our Lord, in the development of Christian character. "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus," he urged upon the brethren at Philippi, truly a most significant admonition.

Christian Scientists are fully aware of the importance of this message, and it may be said that in proportion to their fidelity in obeying it will be their spiritual progress. They learn that the mind which was in Christ Jesus was the divine Mind, God; and that God's ideal, His full expression, the Christ, was manifested in Jesus in a greater degree than in any other who has lived on earth either before or since the beginning of the Christian era. So extraordinary was the Master's manifestation of divine Mind that he became known as Jesus the Christ. Moreover, they have always before them the divinely inspiring example of Jesus and the wondrous results which he exhibited as the natural outcome of expressing the Mind which is God.

"Be of one mind"
September 27, 1924

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