I did not come into Christian Science for physical healing

I did not come into Christian Science for physical healing. I knew nothing of its teachings, though I had once heard of a person who when ill was restored to health through her understanding of this religion. At that time I was young and uninterested in religious matters, so did not give it any consideration. In my early childhood I was taught to love and respect God, though what God was, where He was, and what His true nature might be always seemed vague and uncertain. I was taught that He was a God of love; and yet, if I failed to live according to His law, as written in the Bible, He was capable of inflicting upon me terrible punishment that would be eternal! I could never be satisfied with this kind of religion, so gave up trying to understand that which seemed to me so unreasonable.

A few years ago I was traveling in the Central States with a theatrical company, connected with which was a young lady who seemed possessed of such wonderful poise that every one remarked about it. Some of the members would ridicule her, saying that she was one of those "silly Christian Scientists." This did not disturb her; and she was never unready to help any one who came to her, even those who seemed most unkind. One day she was invited to take a trip in an ice boat on a near-by lake, and while the boat was going at a very high rate of speed she was thrown by the capsizing of the boat, and sustained some very severe bruises. It was thought it would be best to call a physician, but she refused this help, merely asking that she be left alone. That night she went through her work without any difficulty, and she suffered no pain whatever.

Testimony of Healing
Ten years ago, I was left with a home under heavy indebtedness
September 27, 1924

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