In your issue of January 19 there appeared an article...

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In your issue of January 19 there appeared an article written by a clergyman in which he infers that "Eddyism" and other doctrines "are enemies of the Lord." No doubt by "Eddyism" the pastor was referring to the teachings of Christian Science, as given to the world by Mary Baker Eddy. The reverend doctor evidently has not read any of Mrs. Eddy's writings or he would not have used that expression. Christian Scientists in no way worship the personality of Mrs. Eddy, but they are grateful for her pure and unselfish life. Christian Science is not an invention, but a religion founded on the Bible and the teachings of Christ Jesus. It follows the Master's teachings implicitly in that it preaches the gospel and heals the sick. On page 4 of her Message to The Mother Church for 1902, Mrs. Eddy says, "I again repeat, Follow your Leader, only so far as she follows Christ." Throughout all her writings she continually exhorts her readers to follow the teachings of Christ Jesus. The following from page 4 of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," is one of her many statements along that line: "To keep the commandments of our Master and follow his example, is our proper debt to him and the only worthy evidence of our gratitude for all that he has done." Surely followers of Christ Jesus can hardly be classified as "enemies of the Lord."

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