In 1902 I found that the old remedies upon which I had...

In 1902 I found that the old remedies upon which I had relied for over forty years were losing their effect, and in consequence I felt I should set my affairs in order. I had a lawyer prepare my will, and told him to lose no time in getting it ready for my signature as delay might prevent my signing it. In due time I was asked to come to his office and affix my signature to the document. On my way there I met a friend who had not seen me for about two years. My friend asked me how I was getting along. I told him I was near my end, and hoped my will was ready for signature. At this point he told me about Christian Science and what it had done for him and for the world. He advised me to go to the Christian Science Reading Room, one block away, and read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, as it would surely benefit me. As I entered the Reading Room another friend greeted me and asked, "How are you?" I told him I was nearly dead, and also that I was on my way to sign my will. He said: "There is no death. God is our Life." He encouraged me to have no fear, but to trust in God. These two conversations impressed me very much, because of the great change in both my friends since I had last seen them; and I concluded there must be something to Christian Science. I had heard of it before, but never in a way that awakened me to its great mission.

I read the first chapter in Science and Health, on Prayer, and concluded there was nothing in the book that conflicted with evangelical religion. I purchased the book, and read many pages that night; and as a result I had a wonderfully peaceful sleep. I improved a little from day to day, especially when I read Science and Health a good deal. On account of this slight change for the better, I decided to go to a practitioner and ask for treatment. The practitioner asked me if I were using medicine. I told him I had medicine for my heart, throat, and stomach, and a plaster on my back, and that if I stopped using these remedies I would die right away! He told me to come back when I was through with medicine and ready to rely on God exclusively, and he would then give me treatment. My decision was made in a very few days, and I went back to the practitioner and told him I had destroyed all my medicine and promised to let him know if I were tempted to take it again. The result of the treatment then given was so wonderful that I have not used any medicine since 1902; nor have I consulted a physician since that time.

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