A Correct Standpoint

Previous to the time of Galileo the geocentric theory of the universe was accepted by the world with hardly a dissenting voice. To the senses it appeared that the earth stood still and that the heavenly bodies revolved around it. But it was noticed that the orbits of certain stars were irregular and unaccountable, and accordingly they were called planets, or wanderers. Galileo, however, taking his stand upon the laws of astronomy, perceived that the planets always moved in a perfectly orderly way around the sun.

Before the year 1866, it was generally believed that matter was a great controlling power. It was studied in order to discover the origin and capabilities of mankind; and intellectuality, on a material basis, seemed to rule the conditions of the world. During "the spiritual famine of 1866" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 246), Mary Baker Eddy took her stand on the basis that divine Mind is the origin and ruler of the universe. She declared the allness of Spirit, divine Principle, and the unreality of matter. Mrs. Eddy named her discovery Christian Science; and she has fully explained it in her textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." The theory that matter is the source of life, and that it can deprive man of life, can torment or please him, has caused great suffering; and the overthrow of this theory through Christian Science is giving joy and freedom where formerly fear and disorder seemed to rule.

"God's promises are kept"
May 10, 1924

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