Healing the Sick

In the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 52), Mary Baker Eddy has written: "The 'man of sorrows' best understood the nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good. These were the two cardinal points of Mind-healing, or Christian Science, which armed him with Love." Throughout her writings, Mrs. Eddy iterates and reiterates that material existence in its every phase is but a false sense of existence, and that its nothingness must be proved; also, that the only reality of being is the "all-inclusive God, good," including His creation in Himself. On the other hand, mortal sense regards material existence as a reality, proceeding from God; it also regards God as something apart from His creation, and creation as operating on a basis of its own.

By uncovering the fact that the whole of mortal existence in its every phase is a falsity and that it is the effect of the so-called mortal or carnal mind, Christian Science has struck a hard blow at the false sense of existence. Jesus once asked pertinently, "How can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his good, except he first bind the strong man?" Christian Science makes it perfectly clear that the "strong man" is this carnal mind, which Jesus described as "a liar,"—that is, a false mental condition; also that the goods of this "strong man" are every supposititious material effect, including sin, disease, poverty, war, and death itself.

In dealing with the problem of mortality, the Christian Scientist recognizes every phase of it as an effect of the one supposititious evil,—the so-called carnal mind. He also goes to the root of the problem by dealing primarily with the beliefs of this supposed mind, rather than with its seeming effects. Christian Science explains that the whole problem of evil and of mortality is based on the false belief that there is life, substance, and intelligence in matter; whereas, in fact, God is Spirit, and God is All.

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May 10, 1924

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