It is with deep gratitude that I offer this testimony in...

It is with deep gratitude that I offer this testimony in acknowledgment of the healing power of divine Science. About sixteen years ago I was instantaneously healed of stomach trouble, piles, and varicose veins. At that time I was taken with a severe attack of the grippe, and after several days' treatment from a physician was advised to try Christian Science. I had been suffering for three days very intensely with pain in my head, and was not able to retain even a little broth on my stomach. I decided to call a practitioner. This was about four o'clock in the afternoon. The practitioner was engaged at that hour, but said she would take up my case about five o'clock. This was done, and at six I was sitting in a rocking chair. At eight o'clock the practitioner called at my home and gave me another treatment, after which I went to bed and slept soundly all night. About five o'clock the next morning I awoke, got up, ate a hearty breakfast, and went to my place of business, which required early hours; then went at my work as usual, thoroughly healed of the stomach trouble and all other ills that had been troubling me so long.

I wish now to tell of a healing of recent date, which was even more wonderful to me. I was hit by an automobile, the hub of the front wheel striking me just below the knee. I was taken home, and a doctor was called to examine the leg to determine the extent of the injury. He said there was a broken bone; but to verify his decision he took me to the hospital to have an X-ray examination, which revealed two bones fractured below the knee. A Christian Science practitioner was working for me all this time, and the healing was accomplished quickly; for no swelling or discoloration appeared, nor did I have any pain after the first day. I was walking on crutches in less than a week. Two weeks later, I was walking with a cane, bearing my whole weight on my foot; and in three weeks I was back at work, being on my feet nearly all day. The doctor had predicted it would be eight weeks before I would be able to put my weight on that foot, and said I might have trouble with the joint at the knee for a long time. It is nearly three months since this occurred, and I am as well as ever. I missed only two Sunday services on account of this accident.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to relate the following experience, which...
May 10, 1924

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