Purpose and Inclination

The relationship between purpose and inclination sometimes seems so close that they appear to touch, while in other ways they are as divergent as the poles. The one is fixed and definite in nature; the other is more or less variant and unreliable. Disraeli presents one view of the former when he says, "The secret of success is constancy to purpose;" while another has written of the latter, "Inclinations spring up, get in each other's way and fight."

True purpose is that which must always precede righteous effort in every direction. It must be clearly defined, if it is to be the guiding star to right accomplishment. It must thereafter be accepted and obeyed until completely fulfilled. When truly righteous it is of God, and leads forward under His control. On the contrary, inclinations are often as evanescent as the wind. Because they so frequently spring from the human belief of good and evil in matter, they are more or less unstable. Unless an inclination be supported by a right purpose, it will either yield to or resist other inclinations, and there is presented, as a consequence, the indecision resulting from conflicting human tendencies. Inclinations should therefore always be watched, lest they lead one astray from the paths of spiritual endeavor.

Among the Churches
May 10, 1924

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