The Lectures

Coalinga, Calif. (Society).—When introducing William W. Porter, a Christian Sciencelecturer, to his audience, J. A. Livingston said in part:—

Christian Science is based wholly on the teachings of Christ Jesus. It is the Science of God's spiritual laws, because it teaches the demonstrable truth about God, about man's relationship to Him and also to his brother-man. The marvelous growth of the Christian Science movement stands out as exemplification of the advancing spiritual thought of this age. To-day its leavening influence is to be seen manifested in all righteous activities for the promotion of good and the brotherhood of men. This spiritual awakening in the thoughts of men goes on, establishing a higher understanding of the laws of God and the relationship which these laws bear to all human endeavor. To hundreds of thousands of people throughout the land, Christian Science is pointing the way out of the clouds of darkness, despair, discouragement, fear, suffering, sorrow,—the illusions of the human mind,—into the sunlight of truth, of hope, courage, confidence, health, happiness, peace, and the abiding consciousness of the omnipotence and ever-presence of divine good,—unfoldment which leads to a higher and a broader concept of man's true existence, to higher ideals and purposes, and to a more kindly and brotherly habit of thought.

Lecture Notice
May 10, 1924

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