One day during 1916 I took a trip on my bicycle

One day during 1916 I took a trip on my bicycle. On the way I met an acquaintance with a motorcycle, who induced me to connect the two vehicles by means of a piece of rope so that his machine might pull mine. While we were going at a swift speed my lantern worked itself loose and caught between the spokes of my bicycle, abruptly stopping it and throwing me up into the air. I fell with my face and neck against a granite paving stone. The accident occurred in front of a hospital. I was carried into the institution in an unconscious condition.

My mother was informed of the occurrence about an hour later. She immediately telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner, and I was given an absent treatment. About the fourth hour after I was carried into the hospital I astonished the doctors and nurses by getting up and dressing myself and wanting to go home. I was told that the hospital was no jail, and if I thought myself able to go they would provide an attendant to accompany me. The superintendent said he could not understand the great change that had come over me, because I was a fright in appearance, with my face cut up and a lump alongside my left eye as big as an egg. He prophesied that I would have headache for months, and would be unable to work at my trade of painting for possibly a year. Nevertheless, under the care of a Christian Science practitioner, within ten days I was able to be at work, climbing ladders, working on a swing scaffold, and even able to ride my bicycle; and I have worked uninterruptedly since. It should be understood that I was not a beneficiary because of my faith in Christian Science, as I was practically a stranger to the doctrine; but this healing surely made me the strongest kind of convert.

September 8, 1923

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